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Wow long time no post.

June 19, 2009

Wow it has been a long time since I posted anything here. How am I going to get anyone to donate if they dont have anything to read.

So whats new. Work is really slow we have laid off alot of people. I really hope the econmy picks up soon. I have been working to jobs to try and save money. Not much time to fly or post if I am working all the time.

I joined a new flying club to save some money on the rental. Since buying a plane does not seem to be in my near future. So now I am back to flying Cessna 172’s. Nothing wrong with the Cessna 172 but I like the wider cabin in the Muskateers. Plu I think low wings look nicer than high wings. High/low wing seems to be a personal choice.

I would post how much money I have donated so far but that would just make you laugh at me.  Ok here is the running total of what I have had donated $00.00


Movie Reviews

February 21, 2009

Lets see what to talk about today?

Flying: While havent done much of that. It has been COLD here. Really dont like fling when it is below 0F.

 Politics: I could complain about how with Pres. Obama new home bail out I get to pay for my neighbers house. Al because he bought a bigger house than he needed or could aford. Plus he is sitting on his but not looking for a job becuase they just extended unemployement.

My goal to buy a plane: So ar none feels bad enough to sned me any money. But here it is me trying again click to donate

Movies: Saw a couple of good movies so it sounds good.

  • Taken: Over all a good movie. The shoot outs are a little over the top. Amazing how with every one shooting noone shooting can hit any thing. Other than the start of the show of course.
  • Gran Torino: A very good movie. Dont want to wreck the movie so not much to say. I would like to have seen subtitles every time the old woman talked it might have been good.

Winter is here

November 24, 2008

Well winter is here. This weekend I had to officially put my money and fuel saving scooter away for winter. Now I am back to driving my car. But the good news is I did help the economy a few months ago. I bought a new American built car. This is one from the “Big 3” I did save money on it because I bought the car when gas was close to $4.00. Since it is a big American car it they could not sell them because people want small fuel econmy cars. I figure since my scooter get 60 MPG and I only drive 10 miles to work I could handle a big car that rode nice.


November 10, 2008

143 views busiest day was 19 veiws.  I updated the about me page per requests.

I will be posting some picture taken from the plane next time I am flying.  And stories about my flights some current and past. I added a Page about my T-6 flight in Florida.

Any other comments or suggestion are welcome.

Almost Donation Today

November 5, 2008

I almost had a $5.00 donation today but my honesty kept me from it.
I went out for lunch to a fast food place today. The total cost was $5.65. I grab $.75 from my pocket and place it on the counter. The casher grabs it and gives me back $.10. I then had her a 5 bill. She looks at be confused and asked if I wanted change or something. I told her the total was $5.65 and I only gave you $.75. She thanked me and took my money.
So I dont have any more money for my plane but I do feel good about myself.

Time to VOTE

November 3, 2008

If you live in U.S.A. dont forget to vote. If you dont vote you have no right to complain about the goverment. Also if you dont vote I wont let you donate to my plane fund. Plus free coffee at Starbucks and free ice cream at Ben & Jerrys.
You know no matter who wins there will still be things to complain about.

Then comes one of the best time of the year. Election is over and no more adds. Man I am getting sick of adds.

Spread the Wealth

October 29, 2008

For all you Obama supporters here is you chance to spread the wealth.

Click here to spread the wealth via paypal

 I can assure you I make less than $250,000 a year. Or as Biden said less than $150,000 a year.