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Vacation Update

December 11, 2008

Sorry for the delay in the update been busy.

Flew out early Thursday (Thanksgiving).  Spent some time walking around looking at the sights. Then Thursday night went up to the room to clean up and change for our 8PM reservations at the Gourmet Room.

The restaurant had our table ready when we got there. We both ordered the Thanksgiving Special. Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potato’s. My wife got the pumpkin soup. I was not as brave and just got a salad. The pumpkin soup was served in a little pumpkin (real). I tried and wished I was brave it was very good. My salad was a salad not much to say about it. The Turkey was good the dressing was very good it had something in it that I thought was weird when I first saw it. I was wrong it did add to the dressing. I can not remember what it was. That is what I get for taking so long to update.

After dinner we were both full but the meal came with a desert. My wife got the Cashew pie I got the pumpkin we took it to go. We did eat then later that night both pies were great.

As for the GourmetRoom the service was great, prices were on the high end. We most likely will not go there again. They are mostly a French restaurant and most of the menu really did not thrill us. We may go there again next Thanksgiving if we go to Laughlin again.  I would recommend the restaurant to any one that likes French foods.

We did decided to rent a car and drive to Vegas to see Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden.  We got there late in the day. The factory was closed and really did not look like much to see.  The cactus garden was good. When we got there we went through the cactus garden first before it got dark. Then went to the factory and bought some chocolate.  It was dark outside and they had Christmas lights on the cactus so we walked through it again. I t was cool to see the lights.  I would recommend the Cactus garden if you are in the area.

Not much exciting happend the rest of the weekend. Untill we went to fly home.

Sunday we checked out of our rooms and brought our luggage down to the bus to the airport. Our plane should leave at 5PM  We were then told the airplane was delayed 2 hours. We could put the luggage on the buss and it would be locked up.  So we went and had something small to eat not real hunger but figured we should eat a little. After 2 hours went back and now the plane was delayed another 1/2 hour. So we walked around some more. Came back and longer delay. This went on for quite some time. Then at 9 they told use they would give us rooms and a free buffet. The plane would be leaving at 2 AM. To check in at 10PM  just to make sure nothing changes. We went to the buffet but we werent real hungry. It was free so why not.  At 10 check and now they are telling us we need to goto the airport. The security closes at the airport and 11PM and if we not get there we will not be able to get on the plane. So onto the bus and then sit at the airport until 2AM.

I really do not blame Riverside for the plane issue. They could only tell us what the airlines told them. Riverside was trying to keep everyone happy. Plus I would rather sit at the casino then the airport. They really did not know about the security closing until someone at the airport told them. 

I also do not blame the airline this happens they do there best. I have had this happen before and will probably have it happen again.

Over all a good vacation. I did not win but really did not lose either.

See this is why I need a plane. If I had my own plane I would not had to sit around the airport waiting. I could just leave when I was ready.


Thanksgiving plans

November 26, 2008

Nothing to do with flying or why I want a plane but I figured I had to post something to keep people interested.
For those of you not from USA. Thanksgiving is a Holiday were us overweight Americans gorge our self’s on Turkey and other foods. Then sit around talking about how we eat way too much.
Since our kids are grown and have their own families my wife and I have going away for the 4 day weekend. For the last few years we have been going to Laughlin Nevada. For those that do not now Laughlin is a smaller version of Las Vegas. It is also a much older crowd. Vegas if for young people Laughlin is for us older one.
We fly out (see a little about flying) on Thanksgiving day (cheaper flight) and return Sunday staying at the Riverside. This year we are going to The Gourmet Room at the Riverside for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the first time we will be going to the Gourmet Room. It seems to have good reviews on line.
Since I will be in a gambling town maybe I will be changing this page from I want a plane to I bought a plane. Very sure this won’t happen because I am not a big gambler. Hard to win big when you are betting small.

Beyfield WI Applefest.

October 8, 2008

It has been a while since I updated my blog. I have been busy working my full time job plus my part time business. I have not have time to fly lately.

Yesterday my wife an I flew out to Madaline Island and took the fairy over to Bayfeild WI.  for their Apple Fest.

Great flight out there great fall colors to view.

Bayfield was very busy we walked around and ate some food.  Had a great day.

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