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February 21, 2009

Lets see what to talk about today?

Flying: While havent done much of that. It has been COLD here. Really dont like fling when it is below 0F.

 Politics: I could complain about how with Pres. Obama new home bail out I get to pay for my neighbers house. Al because he bought a bigger house than he needed or could aford. Plus he is sitting on his but not looking for a job becuase they just extended unemployement.

My goal to buy a plane: So ar none feels bad enough to sned me any money. But here it is me trying again click to donate

Movies: Saw a couple of good movies so it sounds good.

  • Taken: Over all a good movie. The shoot outs are a little over the top. Amazing how with every one shooting noone shooting can hit any thing. Other than the start of the show of course.
  • Gran Torino: A very good movie. Dont want to wreck the movie so not much to say. I would like to have seen subtitles every time the old woman talked it might have been good.