Thanksgiving plans

Nothing to do with flying or why I want a plane but I figured I had to post something to keep people interested.
For those of you not from USA. Thanksgiving is a Holiday were us overweight Americans gorge our self’s on Turkey and other foods. Then sit around talking about how we eat way too much.
Since our kids are grown and have their own families my wife and I have going away for the 4 day weekend. For the last few years we have been going to Laughlin Nevada. For those that do not now Laughlin is a smaller version of Las Vegas. It is also a much older crowd. Vegas if for young people Laughlin is for us older one.
We fly out (see a little about flying) on Thanksgiving day (cheaper flight) and return Sunday staying at the Riverside. This year we are going to The Gourmet Room at the Riverside for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the first time we will be going to the Gourmet Room. It seems to have good reviews on line.
Since I will be in a gambling town maybe I will be changing this page from I want a plane to I bought a plane. Very sure this won’t happen because I am not a big gambler. Hard to win big when you are betting small.


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving plans”

  1. Betty Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Have a great trip & hope you & your wife enjoy The Gourmet Room. Best of luck, wishing you win something, to add to your Plane Fund.

  2. Betty Says:

    This is Joe’s wife, from The Joe Review

  3. JetAviator7 Says:

    What an interesting idea! A blog about wanting an airplane.

    I can identify with you as I wanted an airplane when I was quite a bit younger and have been lucky enough to have owned a number of them over the years.

    I would offer you a suggestion if you haven’t thought about it yet. Get involved in your local EAA Chapter and look for someone who has a damaged aircraft that needs repairing. Sometimes you can get a whole airplane (or parts of an airplane) donated for a project.

    Get some young folks involved. Find a way to make it a project that involves a lot of people and you might be surprised what happens.

    In any case best of luck to you, but I would suggest you don’t bother gambling. That airplane will just get farther and farther away.

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