Almost Donation Today

I almost had a $5.00 donation today but my honesty kept me from it.
I went out for lunch to a fast food place today. The total cost was $5.65. I grab $.75 from my pocket and place it on the counter. The casher grabs it and gives me back $.10. I then had her a 5 bill. She looks at be confused and asked if I wanted change or something. I told her the total was $5.65 and I only gave you $.75. She thanked me and took my money.
So I dont have any more money for my plane but I do feel good about myself.


2 Responses to “Almost Donation Today”

  1. hideoussunday Says:

    good luck, iwantaplane… have you blogged about why you want that specific plane? i think that would be an interesting read. some pictures from next time you fly (by the passenger of course- not you!!) would be great. how did you get started flying? when did you get your license?

  2. thejoereview Says:

    LOL! Funny story. But at least you walked off knowing you did the right thing, and were honest. As for the plane, keep that goal and I’m sure you’ll get it 🙂

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