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Thanksgiving plans

November 26, 2008

Nothing to do with flying or why I want a plane but I figured I had to post something to keep people interested.
For those of you not from USA. Thanksgiving is a Holiday were us overweight Americans gorge our self’s on Turkey and other foods. Then sit around talking about how we eat way too much.
Since our kids are grown and have their own families my wife and I have going away for the 4 day weekend. For the last few years we have been going to Laughlin Nevada. For those that do not now Laughlin is a smaller version of Las Vegas. It is also a much older crowd. Vegas if for young people Laughlin is for us older one.
We fly out (see a little about flying) on Thanksgiving day (cheaper flight) and return Sunday staying at the Riverside. This year we are going to The Gourmet Room at the Riverside for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the first time we will be going to the Gourmet Room. It seems to have good reviews on line.
Since I will be in a gambling town maybe I will be changing this page from I want a plane to I bought a plane. Very sure this won’t happen because I am not a big gambler. Hard to win big when you are betting small.


Winter is here

November 24, 2008

Well winter is here. This weekend I had to officially put my money and fuel saving scooter away for winter. Now I am back to driving my car. But the good news is I did help the economy a few months ago. I bought a new American built car. This is one from the “Big 3” I did save money on it because I bought the car when gas was close to $4.00. Since it is a big American car it they could not sell them because people want small fuel econmy cars. I figure since my scooter get 60 MPG and I only drive 10 miles to work I could handle a big car that rode nice.


November 10, 2008

143 views busiest day was 19 veiws.  I updated the about me page per requests.

I will be posting some picture taken from the plane next time I am flying.  And stories about my flights some current and past. I added a Page about my T-6 flight in Florida.

Any other comments or suggestion are welcome.

Almost Donation Today

November 5, 2008

I almost had a $5.00 donation today but my honesty kept me from it.
I went out for lunch to a fast food place today. The total cost was $5.65. I grab $.75 from my pocket and place it on the counter. The casher grabs it and gives me back $.10. I then had her a 5 bill. She looks at be confused and asked if I wanted change or something. I told her the total was $5.65 and I only gave you $.75. She thanked me and took my money.
So I dont have any more money for my plane but I do feel good about myself.

Time to VOTE

November 3, 2008

If you live in U.S.A. dont forget to vote. If you dont vote you have no right to complain about the goverment. Also if you dont vote I wont let you donate to my plane fund. Plus free coffee at Starbucks and free ice cream at Ben & Jerrys.
You know no matter who wins there will still be things to complain about.

Then comes one of the best time of the year. Election is over and no more adds. Man I am getting sick of adds.


November 3, 2008

Im up to 94 view still need more. A total of $0 donated and 1 comment.
The comment was on my one political post. Maybe I sould switch to political posting. Thanks Joe for you comment. You can view his page here

I did get to go flying the other day/night. I went up before night and just flew around. I did a few steep turns and turns around a point. Then I went back to the airport for landings. Did a few night landings. Total time of flight .8 so not much time