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Day Five

September 30, 2008

Up to 21 hits and $0.  I added a link to place I have landed. I was hoping to add a landing spot this weekend. Weather was not right so no flying this weekend.

Hopfully the weather will be better this weekend.


Day Two

September 26, 2008

Day two of my blog. So far 14 veiws and $0.
Today I will be adding some links. My favorite blog so far is Flying around US in a Cherokee 140 a great story about a guy flying around the US telling his story as he goes.

I added some other avations links.
bloggingpilots A list of other blogs by pilots
Pilots of America A forum with a great group of people talking about flying
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association something every pilot should join

General Link
blogcatalog A bloging catalog that I want to get listed in

I saw a Goggle map that someone modified for all the airports they landed at. I will be adding this if I can find it again and figure out how do it.

I want a plane

September 25, 2008

I want a plane. So I figured I would just ask for help to pay for it.

Im not asking for a new plane I want a 70 era plane. Looking at a Beechcraft Sundowner. Just a simple plane IFR not required does not need the newest and greast electronics. So I figure I only need to save/collect $40,000

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